PHOTOS: Ranking every 2018 World Cup jersey

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We know now what the 32 teams going to Russia this summer for the 2018 World Cup will be wearing.

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With that in mind, it’s time for one final update of the jersey rankings.

Let us know your favs (and duds, because there’s a few) in the comments section below.

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1. Wow. Nigeria’s home kit is stunning (on the left) and will become the go-to jersey of the 2018 World Cup. The away kit isn’t too shabby either. Majestic from the Super Eagles.

2. Did someone say argyle? Belgium’s homage to their EURO ’84 team not only looks great on the pitch but wack it on with a pair of jeans and you look stylish in the bar. Superb.

3. Croatia have done it again. Not only is the home jersey instantly recognizable but the dark blue away kit is pretty slick. Majestic.

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4. Big fan of this. Germany took inspiration from their 1990 World Cup win for this jersey. A beauty.

5. Carlos Valderrama would be proud of this from Colombia. I would like to have seen the blue and red triangles a little bigger, but still a quality jersey

6. Australia’s kits are lovely. Look at that crest, and the sleeves on the home jersey really stand out. “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Oi, Oi, Oi!”

7. Peru’s first World Cup since 1982 sees their famous sash jersey return. Umbro have delivered.

8. What you would expect from Brazil. Yellow home. Blue away. Iconic and sleek.

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9. Iceland have a strong look with royal blue and red sleeves. Can the smallest nation to ever qualify for the World Cup cause more upsets?

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10. Tunisia’s fresh, bright red kits catch the eye and look the part. Tidy.

11. El Tri will be looking sharp in this simple but eye-catching shirt. Love the deep green color and the away kit is okay.

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12. France look mighty fine in these sharp dark blue home jerseys and the away jerseys have a few flutters in the white and look alright.

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13. Korea Republic will be led by Heung-Min Son and they will be looking sharp in both their home and away jerseys. Love the away shirt.


14. Argentina’s jersey to mark the 125th anniversary of their football association is a little too plain for me. Still, nice clean look and the away jersey is quite snazzy and similar to the design for Colombia’s.

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15. Portugal have kept it simple with their home and away jerseys and it’s tough not to like this.

16. Morocco have a nice blend of colors with the red and green for the home and white, red and green for the away.

17. Saudi Arabia’s white home jersey is very fetching, while the green away kit isn’t bad either. Also, the crest looks awesome on the shirts.

18. Simple. Subtle. But hard not to want a little more from the Samurai Blue’s jersey

19. Egypt’s first World Cup appearance since 1990 seems them arrive with a sleek, simple design. Love the badge.

20. Russia’s new jersey is inspired by the Soviet Union’s 1988 Olympic Gold medal team. Uninspiring

21. I actually really like Poland’s home shirt, with the plain red away shirt fine too. But the home shirt is legit.

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22. Costa Rica’s home kit is a little too plain but the away jersey is niceeeee

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23. Sweden’s classic kits will always stand out but I’m not really a fan of the three stripes down the ribs

24. Spain’s nod to their 1994 World Cup shirt is just a little too messy for my liking. Away kit is a strange one too.

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25. England’s design is so plain and just boring. The warm up jersey (second from the left, front row) should be the home shirt. The red away jersey is pretty nice.

26. Denmark have gone for a retro look and it is very nice. Love the old school hummel logos on the sleeves.

27. A decent effort from Panama. I prefer the away kit (white kit) to the home jersey.

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28. The color of Uruguay’s home jersey is nice, but the design on the front is not. Enough said. The away kit is the same, but white.


29. Senegal have gone for it… but it doesn’t quite work. The green home jersey is better. Just.

30. Serbia’s home shirts are nice but I’m not too sure about the away kit with the vertical stripes.

31. There’s just not a lot going on here for Iran. Like, nothing at all.

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32. It looks like Switzerland have gone for a design which includes fingerprints across their shirts.