World Cup winner to receive $38 million

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Neither team will want to lose the World Cup final on Sunday, but it might be an easier pill to swallow for France or Croatia when they see the runner-up prize.

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FIFA will award $38 million to the victorious nation at Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, while the runners’ up will receive $28 million.

Overall, the World Cup is poised to hand out roughly $400 million this tournament to its participants, which has increased by $42 million from the 2014 edition in Brazil ($358 million).

Saturday’s third-place match saw winners Belgium take home their share of $24 million, while fourth-place England earned $22 million for their deep run in the competition.

Here’s the full breakdown for the tournament’s prize money:

Winner: $38 million
Runner up: $28 million
3rd place: $24 million
4th place: $22 million
Quarterfinals: $17.8 million
Round of 16: $11.9 million
Group stage: $7.9 million