A day on-location in England with NBC Sports’ broadcast team

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WOLVERHAMPTON — Relaxed in the NBC Sports Winnebago in the parking lot at Wolverhampton Wanderers Molineux Stadium, the entire Premier League broadcast team had been assembled in the UK for opening weekend.

Discussions flowed from Lee Dixon liking peanut butter with marmite on toast, to summer vacations, to what formation Wolves would be playing as two studios, a gantry position and a full production team were on site to see in the new 2018-19 season in style.

From Manchester to Wolverhampton to London, an army of NBC Sports employees were on hand.

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As the 10 a.m. ET games on the opening Saturday kicked off, there was a huge buzz among the trucks, studios and many NBC Sports staff on-location for the week-long trip to the UK. The first multi-game window of the season had commenced and  everyone was talking about which players they couldn’t wait to see, the teams who would impress and how much they’ve missed the action this summer.

The epicenter of this chatter before, during and after the game was on the two sofa seats facing each other in the Winnebago.

Arlo White, Graeme Le Saux and Robbie Earle were sat in those seats and had just completed a piece of pitchside analysis at Molineux before settling down to watch the 10 a.m. ET games. Their next live video hit was at half time of the Saturday rush. With a printer ticking away in one corner of the Winnebago, coffees being made and production members flitting in and out to chat with Arlo, Graeme and Earle about various plans, this was it. It was go time. They were back.

As the voices of Rebecca Lowe, Dixon and Kyle Martino hummed away in the background from the studio about 150 yards away inside the stadium, plus those of Robbie Mustoe and Derek Rae who were on the call for Newcastle vs. Tottenham elsewhere in England on opening weekend, the entire crew felt inextricably linked at all times.

With English candy packed in the upper compartments of the hot, slightly stuffy Winnebago being heavily consumed, banter being chucked back and forth (mostly by Le Saux) and a joint discussion about Wolves’ tactics and nailing down where each player would start, it was all go. As rain showers circled Molineux there was also plenty of talk about umbrellas, jackets and a route to the gantry for the match commentary. Again, this was England, in August, and the UK’s summer-long heatwave had well and truly been and gone.

Sat alongside Arlo White, Graeme Le Saux and Robbie Earle during the opening Saturday of the season, the banter flowed as we had a chat as several screens showing the four 10 a.m. ET games fluttered with the bright colors of opening weekend in the background.

Guys, you’ve all been together on these trips to the UK a few times now, what has been the key takeway from this trip so far?

Robbie Earle: Kyle Martino’s a wuss because he doesn’t like Marmite. That’s a big takeaway…

Graeme Le Saux: That my jokes haven’t gotten any better.

Earle: Kyle Martino cheats at NASCAR racing, he tampers with your car before it starts.

Le Saux: That’s underhand.

Earle: I’m just trying to think if there are any Kyle Martino lines…! And it’s great to be back. After a great World Cup everybody is buoyed about football and we’ve had a good start. The stories with Pogba captaining United, scoring a penalty. Luke Shaw scoring his goal. Seeing what the new Chelsea are like under Sarri. It’s nice to get back to Premier League.

Le Saux: It’s always great when the whole group is together because particularly at the start of the season, I think it sets the tone for the whole season. It’s such a team effort so when you have the whole team over, the talent, everyone behind-the-scenes, I think it does set the season off on the right tone and furthers the relationship. It feels big. When you have pitch side studios, a studio and everything that goes with that. It is certainly a special occasion.

What was it like watching the World Cup this summer in England? Were you longing for the PL to return?

Arlo White: There has been a combination of things that happened with England this summer and it was England going to the semifinals of the World Cup, which was absolutely incredible. And there’s been an unprecedented heatwave. I’ve never seen so many smiles on people’s faces. Nobody, really, has anything to moan about. Which is unusual! It has been a very nice place to spend time this summer. It is good to get club football back.

As Graeme said, to start with the three venues but also for me, to start with the Transfer Deadline Day and Preview show the day before, it just feels like this season you are completely across everything. It’s a nice position to be in going into the sixth year, where you have seen all of these teams being put together and we can deliver something from a standing start with the Deadline show on Thursday which was a lot of fun to do.

Looking at the new season, what is the most compelling storyline for you?

Le Saux: I would say it’s Man City, still. That’s maybe an easy option but because they set the bar so high last year, winning back-to-back Premier League titles has only been done twice before and I think they are more than capable of achieving that. But that then throws up all of the competition and Liverpool in particular have thrown a huge amount of money and shown what their intentions are. City’s standard is the story that effects everything else. I think that’s why you’re seeing a couple of goalkeepers coming in for a fortune because suddenly everyone is saying ‘we need a goalkeeper who can play with his feet.’ So they’ve set a trend and the standard, City.

Earle: I would probably just go Liverpool. Daring to dream. They haven’t won a title since 1990. They filled all the holes, virtually, that need filling. They are maybe a center back short of saying ‘that’s it, on you go’ so I think it’s kind of time. It feels like it’s time. Klopp has had a good look at the league. He’s been backed in the area he wants. The squad is deep now. Liverpool used to be the first 11 were as good as, but not much beyond that. Now they virtually have two players for every position. It is kind of time now. They’ve spent big money on a goalkeeper, you’ve got your defense. Midfield you’ve got Keita and Shaqiri is going to be great. Sturridge could be a new signing type player. It feels like ‘come on then’ it is time.

White: I agree totally with the lads but the two things for me, Spurs’ stadium. We are planning something quite special at the opener against Liverpool.

Le Saux: We are firing Arlo out of a cannon!

White: That’s my walk and talk. More of a fly and talk, really.

Le Saux: You will do well to remember your lines as you’re flying through the air…

White: Let’s end on that bombshell.

Le Saux: Literally a bombshell!

White: So there’s that… And the other thing is Arsenal, because if we said going forward they have players to cause massive amount of damage to the opposition. Look at them. They have Ozil, Aubameyang, Lacazette, Ramsey.

Earle: Mkhitaryan.

White: Exactly. They’ve got terrific players. Everything I’ve read in the offseason, from the defenders in particular, they are very differential. Bellerin is differential to Wenger that he was one of the greatest managers. How it is different is, we are going to be more organized. Most of the guys who have been brought in are outright defenders. Hopefully it gets back to what Arsenal are good at defensively. They haven’t been good at that for a very long time. I think they can give the top four a go. I don’t think necessarily they will be fighting for fifth and sixth. That would be, for me, one of the best stories of the season, if they can give that a go again and finish in the top four in the first season without Wenger.

Earle: It’s a great point actually, because for 21 years we haven’t seen anything different. I read a good article today about the work he [Emery] is doing. And how Wenger used to be obsessed with the clock. And he [Emery] is now saying ‘no, we will work until it’s done.’

White: So, Wenger would stop it?

Le Saux: It would be 20 minutes, no matter what happened.

Earle: There was a clock to do things. But Emery, this guy is taking a different approach.

Le Saux: As a player I always found it frustrating when a coach stopped a session when you were flying.

Earle: Yeah, when you’re flying. But for Arsenal, the important thing is that they are reportedly working on their weaknesses. Which is a really good thing for Arsenal because they are so good at all of the other things.

Is there something you’ve seen in the games you watched closely which changed your mind about either the teams, managers or players? Was there a moment you thought “well, I didn’t expect that to happen” or “he’s better than I thought!”  

Le Saux: Leicester surprised me, in a positive way. James Maddison was Leicester’s standout player. It was a heck of a lot of money to spend with someone who has no Premier League experience. He is young. And it proves the point to me that you are only as good, or potentially as good, as the environment. As much as your own ability, it is about being around good players. I think he is going to have a good season. And I think for Claude Puel, they will be disappointed they lost but the performance will have given Leicester fans a lot of confidence. It was a good marker for the season.

Earle: Seeing Mourinho on the touchline, his mannerisms during the game, those are the things you pay attention to when you’re in the stadiums. More so than the game sometimes. His relationship with Pogba was interesting. Very encouraging with Luke Shaw with his goal, he goes and hugs his coaches. Those little bits I can’t see from the studio Stateside because you’re only seeing one camera. Over here, I can see it with my eyes and feel the crowd. It’s the little things which sometimes tell you as much as is happening in the game. The relationships between players, their body language and Pogba saying to Alexis Sanchez ‘who has won the World Cup recently?’ and saying off you pop from the penalty kick and then scoring it.

White: I think when Leicester come out onto the pitch, I thought they had sent their under 15’s out to play! They looked so young it was unbelievable. And if you look at the way they’ve won the title, it has been a gradual shift away from that philosophy of counter-attacking to a more possession-based game. Puel struggled to enforce that and Leicester’s fans were worried. But I think having seen them in the first 90 minutes I think they will be fine. Whether they will push for the top six, I’m not saying that, but I think it was a knife edge. And I will never get used to see Manchester United sitting off, at home, against a team like Leicester, with a 1-0 lead. Growing up in the era I grew up in, I will never get used to that. I know it is after the World Cup and he didn’t make any signings and there are some off-field issues, if you like. I just don’t know how long Man United fans are going to stand for that.

Is there an outlandish thing that will happen in the PL this season you’ve thought about in the back of your mind? Another Leicester title charge? A big team in real trouble?

White: Wolves to finish top eight. Look out for them.

Earle: Wolves nowhere near as high as people think.

White: Wolves relegated?

Earle: No, Wolves not relegated. But I think people are getting carried away a little bit. I’m a bit wary.

Le Saux: The thing is, they haven’t got a strong English, Premier League core to draw on.

Earle: I like the confidence and I hope I’m wrong, but this league is really brutal.

Le Saux: I think Fulham could be a decent side. I wouldn’t go as far as saying they’ll push for Europe. I think they will finish highest out of the three that got promoted. That is my gamble. The other thing is that I said Newcastle will get relegated this year. And I don’t want them to but I’m worried that all of the off the pitch stuff may have a bigger impact but against Tottenham they looked like they had spirit on the pitch. That gives great credit to Benitez and the ability to get the players focused.

Who has been the best dressed on the trip so far?

Earle: Not Kyle Martino, who didn’t bring his jacket to the transfer deadline day show.

White: I think Lee Dixon’s crushed cranberry Paul Smith suit kind of stole the show.

Le Saux: And his flustered paprika tie!

Earle: And his aubergine pocket square. You can’t compete with that…

White: It was the sartorial equivalent of winning the league by Christmas.

Le Saux: I would have to say Rebecca.

Who has been the loudest of the group? Who talks the most?

Le Saux: It’s probably me.

White: Yep, Le Saux.

Earle: Definitely Le Saux.

White: Try and get through an hour-long presentation on VAR with Le Saux. An absolute nightmare.

Le Saux: I’d agree. I’m not even disputing it.

Earle: ‘Let’s go to our VAR expert’ Graeme…

Le Saux: ‘I’ve look at the footage and, well, they are right.’ End of discussion.

Who has been the most excited about being in England for this trip?

Earle: Musty.

White: Mustoe.

Le Saux: Mustoe.

Earle: And he has done two commentaries. Back-to-back commentaries is Mustoe’s dream. But I’m the hardest working man on NBC…

Le Saux: I’m just not going to say anything.

Has there been anything else on this trip which has been a particular joy for you? One moment?

Earle: Going to Man City’s training ground was fascinating. 20 minutes hanging out with Pep Guardiola. If ever you could extend a moment to try and spend an hour in that man’s company. He is just cool. The best kind of cool. He’s got it, he’s engaging, tactical. He is almost cultish. He has got the solution to every issue and he is just a pure football coach. His life is just dominated by football.

White: What I wanted to know from him, and the cameras weren’t there, was if he made any compromises at all to the way his teams play football. When we think back to the first season, and everyone said ‘you can’t do it that way here’ and people seemed to know more than he did. Actually, he has won that hands down. He has bent the entire Premier League to his own will. He has said the only two things that he realized early on the only two things that he had to focus on, more than he used to, was high balls and set pieces. That’s it. Everything else he’s done it his way 100 percent. He sat there in front of us energized and clearly has hunger for the new season. Everyone better be on it because there will be a seat on the bench next to me if they’re not. At the absolute worst they’re going to be as good as they were last year. And I suspect they’re going to be even better. To sit there and hear that from him, I came away feeling very confident about Man City’s chances.

What about the future of the Premier League, what big changes or storylines should we be keeping an eye on?

Le Saux: VAR is the thing. There are some good bits to it but there are a lot of unanswered questions before I am comfortable with it and think it is worth introducing. I think that is going to be the single biggest change in football for many, many years.

Earle: I’m interested to see how the winter break over the two periods plays out. Will it be the benefit it is designed for?

Le Saux: Also, when you look at the Premier League at the clubs coming up, the money they are now spending, the margins are closer.

Earle: It’s the top six and then 14 teams. Pretty much.

Le Saux: Also, the money has allowed clubs to keep hold of star players as well. If you go back 10 years and clubs were almost forced to sell players. But now clubs that you would consider smaller clubs, they’ve got clout to keep hold of players and hold them to their contracts a bit more which I think is a good thing in terms of the competition.

West Ham vs Fulham: How to watch, live stream link, TV, team news


Injury-hit Fulham visits West Ham United on Sunday, hoping to catch weary hosts just back from a midweek trip to Belgium when the sides tangle at London’s Olympic Stadium (watch live, 9am ET Sunday on CNBC and online via NBCSports.com).

The Irons are looking to build on their Premier League form after beating Wolves on Saturday and rolling it into Europa Conference League play at midweek. West Ham beat Anderlecht 1-0 on Thursday as Gianluca Scamacca stayed hot to keep the Irons perfect in group play.


Fulham has been a handful this season but won’t have Nathaniel Chalobah, who was suspended in last weekend’s loss to Newcastle, in addition to possible absences for playmakers Kenny Tete, Aleksandar Mitrovic, Antonee Robinson, and Willian.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of Fulham vs West Ham.

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How to watch West Ham vs Fulham live, stream link and start time

Kick off: 9am ET, Sunday
TV Channel: CNBC
Online: Stream via NBCSports.com

Key storylines & (young) star players

Fulham may be without Robinson and Tete in addition to definitely missing Layvin Kurzawa, leaving Kevin Mbabu as the lone regular fullback certain to be available. Attacking injuries could shift focus to ex-Tottenham loanee Carlos Vinicius and wingers Neeskens Kebano and Daniel James.

West Ham started the Anderlecht win with Declan Rice, Lucas Paqueta, Gianluca Scamacca, and Pablo Fornals on the bench, with the quartet entering over the final 21 minutes to deliver the W. Aaron Cresswell, Kurt Zouma, Thilo Kehrer, and Tomas Soucek were completely rested, so there won’t be too much worry about the weariness angle mentioned above.

West Ham team news, injuries, lineup options

OUT: Nayef Aguerd (ankle), Maxwell Cornet (calf)

Fulham team news, injuries, lineup options

QUESTIONABLE: Antonee Robinson (foot), Willian (calf), Kenny Tete (knock), Aleksandar Mitrovic (ankle). OUT: Layvin Kurzawa (knock), Manor Solomon (knee), Harry Wilson (knee), Nathaniel Chalobah (suspension)

Brighton vs Tottenham: How to watch, live stream link, TV channel, team news


Brighton vs Tottenham is an early-season test of credentials as the host Seagulls look to show their top-four quality is on the level of their third-place visitors at the Amex Stadium (watch live, 12:30pm ET Saturday on NBC and online via NBCSports.com).

The Seagulls have given new manager Roberto De Zerbi a solid start in taking over for Graham Potter, who left for Chelsea.


Now they’ll look to show that the team has plenty in the tank for a long run in the European places, currently three points behind Spurs with a match-in-hand on the North Londoners.

Tottenham has looked solid but also knows it has to show the 10-man North London derby loss was a fluke.

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of Brighton vs Tottenham.

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How to watch Brighton vs Tottenham live, stream link and start time

Kick off: 3pm ET, Friday
TV Channel: USA Network
Online: Stream via NBCSports.com

Key storylines & star players

Brighton’s been getting so much of its offense from Pascal Gross and Leandro Trossard, the latter coming off a hat trick and in the upper end of the Premier League leaders in both goals and assists. Alexis Mac Allister has been solid in the midfield and at the penalty spot.

Spurs continue to use Harry Kane in the Starting XI time and time again, and the English center forward hasn’t worn down yet. A midweek scoreless draw in Germany against Eintracht Frankfurt will see Spurs show up to the party with more miles on their legs than the home team.

Brighton team news, injuries, lineup options

OUT: Jakub Moder (knee), Enock Mwepu (illness)

Tottenham team news, injuries, lineup options

OUT: Emerson (suspension), Dejan Kulusevski (thigh), Japhet Tanganga (knock), Lucas Moura (calf)

UEFA Europa League, Europa Conference League live! How to watch, updates, schedule


The UEFA Europa League and Europa Conference League group stages are in full flow as Arsenal, Manchester United, and West Ham are all in action.

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In the Europa League group stage Arsenal have a lovely set of European cities to visit with PSV, Bodo/Glimt and FC Zurich their opponents, and are clear favorites to advance. United are also favored but have some long distances to travel as they play Real Sociedad, Sheriff Tiraspol from Transnistria and Cypriot side Omonia.

In the Conference League the Hammers have Anderlecht, FCSB (formerly known as Steaua Bucharest) and Silkeborg, as David Moyes’ side will be very happy with that draw.

[ LIVE: Conference League scores ]

The final of the Europa League will be played in Budapest, while the Conference League final will be in Prague.

Below are details on the Europa League and Conference League, including how to watch info, the group stage draw, dates and schedule.

UEFA Europa League, Conference League, schedule, dates, how to watch

Dates: Group stage to be played September to November
Online: Live updates via NBCSports.com
How to watch: TUDN, Paramount+

Europa League group stage fixtures & results (all kick off times ET)

Matchday 3 – Thursday 6 October

Group A: Zurich vs PSV Eindhoven (12:45), Arsenal vs Bodo/Glimt (3:00)
Group B: Rennes vs Dynamo Kyiv, Fenerbahce vs AEK Larnaca (3:00)
Group C: HJK Helsinki vs Ludogorets (12:45), Roma vs Real Betis (3:00)
Group D: Malmo vs Union Berlin (12:45), Braga vs St Gilloise (3:00)
Group E: Sheriff vs Real Sociedad, Omonia vs Man United (12:45)
Group F: Sturm Graz vs Lazio (12:45), Midtjylland vs Feyenoord (3:00)
Group G: Freiburg vs Nantes, Olympiacos vs Qarabag (3:00)
Group H: Red Star Belgrade vs Ferencvaros, Monaco vs Trabzonspor (12:45)

Matchday 1 – Thursday 8 September

Group A: Zurich 1-2 Arsenal, PSV Eindhoven 1-1 Bodo/Glimt
Group B: AEK Larnaca 1-2 Rennes, Fenerbahce 2-1 Dynamo Kyiv
Group C: Ludogorets 2-1 Roma, HJK Helsinki 0-2 Real Betis
Group D: Malmo 2-0 Braga, Union Berlin 0-1 St Gilloise
Group E: Man United 0-1 Real Sociedad, Omonia 0-3 Sheriff
Group F: Lazio 4-2 Feyenoord, Sturm Graz 1-0 Midtjylland
Group G: Freiburg 2-1 Qarabag, Nantes 2-1 Olympiacos
Group H: Red Star Belgrade 0-1 Monaco, Ferencvaros 3-2 Trabzonspor

Matchday 2 – Thursday 15 September

Group A: Arsenal vs PSV Eindhoven (postponed), Bodo/Glimt vs Zurich
Group B: Dynamo Kyiv 0-1 AEK Larnaca, Rennes 2-2 Fenerbahce
Group C: Real Betis 3-2 Ludogorets, Roma 3-0 HJK Helsinki
Group D: St Gilloise 3-2 Malmo, Braga 1-0 Union Berlin
Group E: Real Sociedad 2-1 Omonia, Sheriff 0-2 Man United
Group F: Midtjylland 5-1 Lazio, Feyenoord 6-0 Sturm Graz
Group G: Olympiacos 0-3 Freiburg, Qarabag 3-0 Nantes
Group H: Trabzonspor 2-1 Red Star Belgrade, Monaco 0-1 Ferencvaros

Matchday 3 – Thursday 6 October

Group A: Zurich vs PSV Eindhoven (12:45), Arsenal vs Bodo/Glimt (3:00)
Group B: Rennes vs Dynamo Kyiv, Fenerbahce vs AEK Larnaca (3:00)
Group C: HJK Helsinki vs Ludogorets (12:45), Roma vs Real Betis (3:00)
Group D: Malmo vs Union Berlin (12:45), Braga vs St Gilloise (3:00)
Group E: Sheriff vs Real Sociedad, Omonia vs Man United (12:45)
Group F: Sturm Graz vs Lazio (12:45), Midtjylland vs Feyenoord (3:00)
Group G: Freiburg vs Nantes, Olympiacos vs Qarabag (3:00)
Group H: Red Star Belgrade vs Ferencvaros, Monaco vs Trabzonspor (12:45)

Matchday 4 – Thursday 13 October

Group A: Bodo/Glimt vs Arsenal (12:45), PSV Eindhoven vs Zurich (3:00)
Group B: AEK Larnaca vs Fenerbahce, Dynamo Kyiv vs Rennes (12:45)
Group C: Real Betis vs Roma (12:45), Ludogorets vs HJK Helsinki (3:00)
Group D: St Gilloise vs Braga (12:45), Union Berlin vs Malmo (3:00)
Group E: Man United vs Omonia, Real Sociedad vs Sheriff (3:00)
Group F: Feyenoord vs Midtjylland (12:45), Lazio vs Sturm Graz (3:00)
Group G: Nantes vs Freiburg, Qarabag vs Olympiacos (12:45)
Group H: Trabzonspor vs Monaco, Ferencvaros vs Red Star Belgrade (3:00)

Matchday 5 – Thursday 27 October

Group A: Zurich vs Bodo/Glimt, PSV Eindhoven vs Arsenal (12:45)
Group B: AEK Larnaca vs Dynamo Kyiv, Fenerbahce vs Rennes (12:45)
Group C: Ludogorets vs Real Betis (12:45), HJK Helsinki vs Roma (3:00)
Group D: Malmo vs St Gilloise, Union Berlin vs Braga (12:45)
Group E: Man United vs Sheriff, Omonia vs Real Sociedad (3:00)
Group F: Lazio vs Midtjylland (12:45), Sturm Graz vs Feyenoord (3:00)
Group G: Freiburg vs Olympiacos, Nantes vs Qarabag (3:00)
Group H: Red Star Belgrade vs Trabzonspor, Ferencvaros vs Monaco (3:00)

Matchday 6 – Thursday 3 November

Group A: Arsenal vs Zurich, Bodo/Glimt vs PSV Eindhoven (3:00)
Group B: Dynamo Kyiv vs Fenerbahce, Rennes vs AEK Larnaca (3:00)
Group C: Real Betis vs HJK Helsinki, Roma vs Ludogorets (3:00)
Group D: St Gilloise vs Union Berlin, Braga vs Malmo (3:00)
Group E: Real Sociedad vs Man United, Sheriff vs Omonia (12:45)
Group F: Midtjylland vs Sturm Graz, Feyenoord vs Lazio (12:45)
Group G: Olympiacos vs Nantes, Qarabag vs Freiburg (12:45)
Group H: Trabzonspor vs Ferencvaros, Monaco vs Red Star Belgrade (12:45)

Europa League groups

Group A: Arsenal, PSV Eindhoven, Bodo/Glimt, FC Zurich
Group B: Dynamo Kiev, Rennes, Fenerbahce, AEK Larnaca
Group C: Roma, Ludogorets, Real Betis, HJK Helsinki
Group D: Braga, Malmo, Union Berlin, Union Saint-Gilloise
Group E: Manchester United, Real Sociedad, Sheriff Tiraspol, Omonia
Group F: Lazio, Feyenoord, Midtjylland, Sturm Graz
Group G: Olympiacos, Qarabag, SC Freiburg, Nantes
Group H: Red Star Belgrade, Monaco, Ferencvaros, Trabzonspor

Europa Conference League group stage fixtures (all kick off times ET)

Matchday 3 – Thursday 6 October

Group A: Hearts vs Fiorentina, RFS vs Istanbul Basaksehir (3:00)
Group B: Anderlecht vs West Ham, Silkeborg vs FCSB (12:45)
Group C: Lech vs H. Beer-Sheva (12:45), Villarreal vs Austria Wien (3:00)
Group D: Slovacko vs Nice (12:45), Cologne vs Partizan (3:00)
Group E: Dnipro-1 vs Vaduz (12:45), AZ Alkmaar vs Apollon Limassol (3:00)
Group F: Molde vs Shamrock Rovers (12:45), Gent vs Djurgarden (3:00)
Group G: Sivasspor vs Ballkani (12:45), Slavia Prague vs CFR Cluj (3:00)
Group H: Pyunik vs Zalgiris (12:45), Basel vs Slovan Bratislava (3:00)

Matchday 1 – Thursday 8 September

Group A: Hearts vs Istanbul Basaksehir, Fiorentina vs RFS (18:45)
Group B: Anderlecht vs Silkeborg (12:45), West Ham vs FCSB (21:00)
Group C: Villarreal vs Lech, Austria Wien vs H. Beer-Sheva (18:45)
Group D: Slovacko vs Partizan, Nice vs Cologne (18:45)
Group E: Vaduz vs Apollon Limassol, Dnipro-1 vs AZ Alkmaar (3:00)
Group F: Molde vs Gent, Shamrock Rovers vs Djurgarden (3:00)
Group G: Ballkani vs CFR Cluj (12:45), Sivasspor vs Slavia Prague (3:00)
Group H: Basel vs Pyunik, Slovan Bratislava vs Zalgiris (3:00)

Matchday 2 – Thursday 15 September

Group A: RFS vs Hearts, Istanbul Basaksehir vs Fiorentina (3:00)
Group B: FCSB vs Anderlecht, Silkeborg vs West Ham (3:00)
Group C: Lech vs Austria Wien, H. Beer-Sheva vs Villarreal (3:00)
Group D: Partizan vs Nice, Cologne vs Slovacko (3:00)
Group E: Apollon Limassol vs Dnipro-1, AZ Alkmaar vs Vaduz (12:45)
Group F: Djurgarden vs Molde, Gent vs Shamrock Rovers (12:45)
Group G: Slavia Prague vs Ballkani, CFR Cluj vs Sivasspor (12:45)
Group H: Zalgiris vs Basel, Pyunik vs Slovan Bratislava (12:45)

Matchday 3 – Thursday 6 October

Group A: Hearts vs Fiorentina, RFS vs Istanbul Basaksehir (3:00)
Group B: Anderlecht vs West Ham, Silkeborg vs FCSB (12:45)
Group C: Lech vs H. Beer-Sheva (12:45), Villarreal vs Austria Wien (3:00)
Group D: Slovacko vs Nice (12:45), Cologne vs Partizan (3:00)
Group E: Dnipro-1 vs Vaduz (12:45), AZ Alkmaar vs Apollon Limassol (3:00)
Group F: Molde vs Shamrock Rovers (12:45), Gent vs Djurgarden (3:00)
Group G: Sivasspor vs Ballkani (12:45), Slavia Prague vs CFR Cluj (3:00)
Group H: Pyunik vs Zalgiris (12:45), Basel vs Slovan Bratislava (3:00)

Matchday 4 – Thursday 13 October

Group A: Istanbul Basaksehir vs RFS, Fiorentina vs Hearts (12:45)
Group B: FCSB vs Silkeborg, West Ham vs Anderlecht (3:00)
Group C: Austria Wien vs Villarreal (12:45), H. Beer-Sheva vs Lech (3:00)
Group D: Partizan vs Cologne (12:45), Nice vs Slovacko (3:00)
Group E: Apollon Limassol vs AZ Alkmaar (12:45), Vaduz vs Dnipro-1 (3:00)
Group F: Djurgarden vs Gent (12:45), Shamrock Rovers vs Molde (3:00)
Group G: CFR Cluj vs Slavia Prague (12:45), Ballkani vs Sivasspor (3:00)
Group H: Slovan Bratislava vs Basel (12:45), Zalgiris vs Pyunik (3:00)

Matchday 5 – Thursday 27 October

Group A: Fiorentina vs Istanbul Basaksehir (12:45), Hearts vs RFS (3:00)
Group B: Anderlecht vs FCSB (12:45), West Ham vs Silkeborg (3:00)
Group C: Villarreal vs H. Beer-Sheva, Austria Wien vs Lech (12:45)
Group D: Slovacko vs Cologne, Nice vs Partizan (12:45)
Group E: Vaduz vs AZ Alkmaar (12:45), Dnipro-1 vs Apollon Limassol (3:00)
Group F: Molde vs Djurgarden, Shamrock Rovers vs Gent (3:00)
Group G: Ballkani vs Slavia Prague, Sivasspor vs CFR Cluj (3:00)
Group H: Basel vs Zalgiris, Slovan Bratislava vs Pyunik (3:00)

Matchday 6 – Thursday 3 November

Group A: RFS vs Fiorentina, Istanbul Basaksehir vs Hearts (11:30)
Group B: FCSB vs West Ham, Silkeborg vs Anderlecht (3:00)
Group C: Lech vs Villarreal, H. Beer-Sheva vs Austria Wien (3:00)
Group D: Partizan vs Slovacko, Cologne vs Nice (3:00)
Group E: Apollon Limassol vs Vaduz, AZ Alkmaar vs Dnipro-1 (12:45)
Group F: Djurgarden vs Shamrock Rovers, Gent vs Molde (12:45)
Group G: Slavia Prague vs Sivasspor, CFR Cluj vs Ballkani (12:45)
Group H: Zalgiris vs Slovan Bratislava, Pyunik vs Basel (12:45)

Europa Conference League groups

Group A: Istanbul Basaksehir, Fiorentina, Hearts, RFS
Group B: West Ham, FCSB, Anderlecht, Silkeborg
Group C: Villarreal, Hapoel Be’er Sheva, Austria Wien, Lech Poznan
Group D: Partizan Belgrade, FC Cologne, Nice, Slovacko
Group E: AZ Alkmaar, Apollon Nicosia, Vaduz, Dnipro-1
Group F: Gent, Molde, Shamrock Rovers, Djurgarden
Group G: Slavia Prague, CFR Cluj, Sivasspor, Ballkani
Group H: Basel, Slovan Bratislava, Zalgiris, Pyunik

Ever Wonder why there is an actual cottage at Craven Cottage?


Our ‘Ever Wonder’ series will run throughout the 2022-23 Premier League season and focuses on key stories behind the history, tradition and culture of all 20 Premier League clubs.

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Have you ever sat there and wondered why certain chants became iconic at a club? Why a team has a certain nickname? Why they play in those colors? How they were founded? Yep, us too.

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This season we will be digging deep to tell the stories of the rich history, tradition and culture from around the Premier League and give you the answers to things you want to know more about.

Ever Wonder why there is a cottage at Craven Cottage?

Fulham’s Craven Cottage is loved the world over. Their home by the banks of the River Thames is one of the most historic, and beautiful, stadiums in the game.

But have you ever wondered why there is an actual cottage in the corner of Craven Cottage?

And have you ever wondered what came first: the cottage or the stadium? Yep. Us too.

Fancy cottage and clientele

There has been a cottage on this site since 1780 when William Craven, who was the Sixth Baron Craven, built a cottage in a wooded area which is now on the site of Craven Cottage stadium.

It is also believed the site was previously used as Anne Boleyn’s hunting ground in the 1500s when she was the Queen of England. Fancy cottage indeed.

Legend has it that several famous writers also stayed at the original cottage for inspiration, and how could you not be inspired by this setting!?

Rebuild and Fulham’s arrival

A fire destroyed the original buildings in 1888 and the ground was left derelict until 1894 when Fulham (London’s oldest professional club as they being founded in 1879 at St Andrew’s Church in West Kensington) bought the land to build Craven Cottage stadium.

The stadium was updated extensively in 1905 by renowned football stadium architect Archibald Leitch.

If this doesn’t scream football history, I don’t know what does…

Why is there a cottage?

After Fulham’s first match in their gleaming new home there was one small problem to solve which explains why the cottage is there: there were no locker rooms built for players to use.

‘Not a problem, we will build a fancy cottage for that’ said Archibald Leitch, probably… And he did.

Today, the Cottage is still used for players to get changed in and directors of the club and players’ families sit in it to watch games from the balcony.

So, there you have it.

Incredible history remains

Craven Cottage the stadium was there before the actual cottage at Craven Cottage. But there has been a cottage on the site since 1780, and Anne Boleyn’s hunting grounds before that. That scent around Craven Cottage is history, folks.

Beautiful, magical, magnificent history.

Remember: when you next watch a game at Craven Cottage and see Antonee Robinson running down the wing, Anne Boleyn probably rode on a horse near that spot in the 1500s. Wild.