Girona agrees to play La Liga game vs. Barcelona in US

Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images

MADRID (AP) Girona says it’s willing to play a regular-season game against Barcelona in the United States as part of La Liga’s goal of promoting soccer and the league in North America.

The small Catalan club said Thursday it is working with the league and Barcelona to finalize details of the proposed game, which has attracted criticism from Spain’s players’ association and some clubs and fans.

The league last month announced its plan to play a match in the U.S. as part of a new 15-year partnership with sports and entertainment group Relevent. It had not said which teams would be involved, nor when or where the game would be played, although Miami appears to be the first option.

Girona said it accepted the proposal because it sees a “great opportunity for expansion” for the club and the city.

It said one of the issues being discussed is how to compensate Girona’s fans as the team would be relinquishing a home game in the league. The club said it would try to offer several options for its members so they would not feel at a disadvantage.

This is Girona’s second season in Spain’s first division.

The clubs and La Liga are expected to seek approval from Spain’s soccer federation in the next few days.