VIDEO: Own goal sees defender race length of pitch to whiff on clearance

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When an own goal is so hilariously poor it inspires accusations of match-fixing, you know you have a beauty on your hands.

This one comes from Peru, where Sport Rosario’s John Carlos Tapia conceded a 37th minute own goal reminiscent of something you’d see in an “Air Bud” movie.

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There’s a lot at play here even before the o.g., which comes about a minute into the video. At times, it looks like Rosario goalkeeper Luis Llontop is the only one trying in earnest to defend the goal.

With half his team out to lunch on a throw-in clearly awarded to FBC Melgar, Llontop makes a fine save only to see Tapia streaking the length of the pitch to knock the ball toward his net, then turn and whiff on his clearing attempt for a teammate’s oddly-stepped attempt also comes up short.

In case the match-fixing angle interests you, there were two red cards and a pair of late goals as Melgar gave away the lead and took it back at home.