Zlatan gonna Zlatan: ‘I think I’m bigger than all of MLS’

Getty Images

The man with the outrageous skills came out with another classic Zlatan quote on Thursday.

“I am bigger than all of MLS,” Zlatan Ibrahimovic said with just the hint of a smile.

Ibrahimovic’s latest memorable quote was in response to potentially receiving the MLS MVP award this season. The 6-foot 5-inch Swede has scored an incredible 20 goals in just 24 games, with nine assists to boot. Despite his abilities in front of goal, the LA Galaxy have won just 12 out of 31 games (with 44 points) and currently sit in seventh place, two points behind Real Salt Lake for the final playoff spot.

Here’s the entire quote:

This is of course not the first time Ibrahimovic has said something controversial or insanely self-centered to the point of being very on-brand. Ibrahimovic said last month “I’m happy for Toronto because they’ll be remembered as my 500th victim,” and he criticized MLS for suspending him in August after skipping the MLS All-Star Game due to injury, stating, “I come from the real world.”

That’s Zlatan for you. Loud off the pitch, and quite loud – and talented – on it.