Giroud plans to continue international career

Getty Images

French defender Laurent Koscielny has retired from international play, but his former Arsenal teammate is planning to keep plugging along. At least, until there’s no more room for his services.

In the wake of Koscielny’s departure from selection for Frnace, the 32-year-old Giroud has no plans of fading into the sunset after winning the 2018 World Cup.

“The guys at Chelsea, notably Antonio Rudiger, have said to me: ‘Why do you carry on? You are on a high, on top of the world and you will soon be 32’,” Giroud said ahead of France’s UEFA Nations League match against struggling Germany. “But it would have been too easy to leave like that. I feel that I am still good enough. I can bring something to the team. So if the coach [Didier Deschamps] feels the same thing, I will be available. I know too well how much I am going to miss football after my career for me to put up my own barriers.”

Giroud says that a little part of him even hopes that the game will decide when it is time to retire instead of having to make the decision himself.

“I am going to make the most of every chance because, obviously, I am closer to the end than the start,” Giroud said. “There is a risk that the youngsters will push me out of the door. It will maybe happen like that. It is maybe even better. But I am a competitor.”

While Giroud has scored just one goal in his last 12 international appearances – including none in this summer’s World Cup – he joked about an uptick in his creativity.

“There have been no goals but I have made four assists. All of a sudden, this season, I am going to aim for the title of best passer.”