Chelsea to accept FA punishment for fracas: ‘We were wrong’

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Whatever the Football Association decides is a suitable punishment for Chelsea following the brief scuffle between Jose Mourinho and Chelsea coach Marco Ianni, the Blues are prepared to “accept the consequences,” according to Maurizio Sarri.

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Mourinho and Ianni engaged in a near-physical altercation following the 2-2 draw between Man United and Chelsea on Saturday. Mourinho has since been cleared of wrongdoing and was not charged by the FA.

Sarri said that his side was in the wrong and responsible for the incident — a point he reiterated this week — thus he’ll offer no opposition when the FA’s final decision is handed down — quotes from the Guardian:

“First of all as I said after the match, we were wrong. I was there when Marco spoke to Mr Mourinho. He said sorry immediately and it was really very important, I think, that he realized he was wrong.

“And so I think that I want to give him another opportunity. Because I know very well the man, I know very well that he was really sorry. And he realized the mistake — everybody I think can make a mistake.

“But you need to learn from the mistake, and so I think he will be able to do this. I know [him] very well, so I am sure. For the FA I don’t know, I haven’t experienced that here. I don’t know the consequences, but we were wrong so we have to accept the consequences.”