Report: Sanchez unlikely to move from Man United this winter

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According to a report by The Telegraph, Alexis Sanchez is unlikely to move from Old Trafford in the 2019 winter transfer window due to a lack of interested parties.

The report states that Manchester City has long since decided against pursuing Sanchez further given their wealth of attacking talent and Sanchez’s poor form, with Sanchez having turned them down last year in favor of United. Now, despite Paris Saint-Germain’s recent interest, that option appears to be reportedly fading as well, given PSG’s decision that they, too, do not have room for Sanchez in their loaded squad.

The Telegraph also reports that the high wages for Alexis at Manchester United leave only a handful of teams able to consider him an option anyways, and now two of the notable clubs in that category have turned the idea down.

Sanchez has struggled mightily under Jose Mourinho at Manchester United since moving this past winter. He has just one goal this season and has started just five Premier League matches due to poor form. Sanchez has been out-shined by players like Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford, as those two youngsters have combined for nine goals and 1,742 minutes. Overall, Sanchez has scored just three league goals for Manchester United.

It will be up to Mourinho to get the best out of Sanchez, a brilliant player at his best but at the moment just another among the squad at Old Trafford.