French couple in legal fight to name son ‘Griezmann Mbappe’

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A French couple are currently in a legal battle to name their son after two of France’s World Cup winning stars.

“Ah, he’s so cute, little Griezmann Mbappe” has a ring to it right?

Maybe not, but still, why is this an issue? The parents have named their son after two legends of French soccer, players they obviously admire.

Is this any different than someone calling their son James because they love watching LeBron James play basketball? Okay, that was a bad example…

According to local reports in La Montagne, the baby was born in the southern town of Brive earlier this month and has already been given the name. However, due to laws in France stating that the name must be changed if it “is contrary to the interest of the child” the police may force his parents to name him something else.

I’m looking forward to his first birthday when he gets two special visitors turning up at the front door…