Report: Rabiot believes Tottenham is “below” his level

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Adrien Rabiot certainly isn’t making many friends over the last few months.

Pushed out of the PSG squad after refusing to sign a contract extension, the 23-year-old has seen his search for a new club become quite public. Rabiot, represented by his outspoken agent – and mother – Veronique Rabiot, is a highly rated midfielder, but between his own actions and those of his mom, teams are beginning to shy away from the Frenchman to pursue other options.

First, it appeared Barcelona was looking to sign Rabiot on a free transfer this offseason, but there were social media rumblings that even the Catalan giants were beginning to reconsider due to his seemingly toxic nature. Barcelona has since confirmed interest in the Frenchman but denied having contacted him already, which would have violated transfer rules.

With Barcelona still in the mix but considering its options, there are reports that Tottenham has also prepared a contract offer for Rabiot, at a price just below what Barcelona is reportedly offering. Unfortunately for the club, the player doesn’t think too highly of Spurs.

An ESPN report by knowledgable PSG beat writer Jonathan Johnson has claimed Rabiot believes Tottenham is “below” his own level, and isn’t interested in signing with the North London club.

Reports over the last few days have described Rabiot’s salary demands as high, and the ESPN report claims the figure to be around $11.5 million per year.

PSG brass has spoken negatively about Rabiot’s behavior over the last few weeks, and Veronique has publicly fired back numerous times. It’s possible that PSG allows Rabiot to leave in January for a minimal fee, but it’s highly possible the saga continues into the summer when the French international leaves on a free transfer.

Rabiot has also had trouble with the French national team, publicly refusing a call-up to this summer’s World Cup as an alternate.