Palace’s Hennessey denies making Nazi salute

Getty Images

Wayne Hennessey has released a statement denying claims he made a Nazi salute.

A photo posted on Instagram by Hennessey’s Crystal Palace teammate, Max Meyer, appeared to show Hennessey, 31, making the salute in the background.

The Palace players were out at a team meal after they beat Grimsby Town in the FA Cup on Saturday and Meyer’s photo has since he expired.

Below is Hennessey’s statement on the matter via his Twitter account:

“Yesterday evening I had a meal with my team mates and we had a group photograph. I waved and shouted at the person taking the picture to get on with it and at the same time put my hand over my mouth to make the sound carry. It’s been brought to my attention that frozen in a moment by the camera this looks like I am making a completely inappropriate type of salute. I can assure everyone I would never ever do that and any resemblance to that kind of gesture is absolutely coincidental. Love and peace, Wayne.”

The image of the alleged salute can be seen below.