Report: Las Vegas police issue warrant for Ronaldo’s DNA

Getty Images

A report from the Wall Street Journal states that the Las Vegas police department have issued a warrant to obtain Cristiano Ronaldo’s DNA.

The latest development comes after the accusations made by American citizen Kathryn Mayorga, who says she was raped by the Portuguese superstar in Las Vegas back in 2009.

Per the report, the warrant was issued recently and has been sent to the court system in Italy where Ronaldo, 33, currently plays for Juventus. The report states the DNA is needed “to see if it matches that found on a dress of a woman who has accused him of rape” and cites “a law-enforcement official with knowledge of the case” as the source.

Ronaldo has denied the allegations on multiple occasions, calling it ‘fake news’ during an Instagram live chat last year and he recently said he expects to be cleared of the allegations.

Mayorga filed a civil complaint in a Las Vegas court in 2017, and Las Vegas police confirmed they were reopening a case from 2009.

It is claimed that Ronaldo had sex with Mayorga in the penthouse suite of a Las Vegas hotel, then hired a team of “fixers” to obstruct the criminal investigation as they paid Mayorga $375,000 to keep quiet. The suit, filed in October 2017, asked for the 2010 and non-disclosure agreement to be voided as they claimed Mayorga was “traumatized” and could not participate in negotiations.

Der Spiegel claimed Ronaldo-signed documents admitting that Mayorga said “no” multiple times during an incident he claims was consensual.

The WSJ say that Ms Mayorga’s lawyer and the LVPD didn’t respond to their requests to comment.