Giuseppe Rossi training with Man United, hoping for contract somewhere

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Giuseppe Rossi has been training with his former club Manchester United and the New Jersey native is feeling sharp as he aims to sign a contract somewhere in the coming weeks.

Rossi, 31, has suffered several serious knee injuries over the past few years and has bounced from Serie A to La Liga clubs as he tries to continue his career, but is currently without a club.

He failed a drugs test at the end of the 2017-18 season in Italy while playing for Genoa, but he was given a warning in October 2018 and is now free to play again after what he called a “nightmare four months” due to the investigation into how a banned substance, Dorzolamide, got into his system.

The predatory forward has been welcomed to United by caretaker boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the Norwegian striker, who knows a thing or two about scoring goals, spoke highly of Rossi in his recent press conference. Rossi also revealed he has been speaking with Sir Alex Ferguson, the man who signed him for United as a teenager.

Speaking to Simon Peach of the Press Association, Rossi revealed his ambition to sign a contract somewhere soon.

“I just love this game,” Rossi said. “I sacrificed so much in these years, I’ve had many highs, I’ve had a few lows with these injuries that have taken a lot away from me but I never stopped. I always want to keep trying to achieve, keep trying to achieve, keep trying to get better and I just love this game so much that nothing’s ever going to take me away from it. It’s a part of me and I want to keep fighting and keep doing what I have to do in order to be where I want to be.”

Could United use Rossi? It is not out of the realms of possibility, but if it is regular minutes he wants then that isn’t going to happen. Romelu Lukaku is currently sat on the bench as Marcus Rashford and Anthony Martial have ripped it up in attack, and even though Rossi would be useful to have coming off the bench, he needs regular minutes.

On a free transfer he could surely be very useful for Premier League clubs, or maybe even Major League Soccer clubs, as a return back to New Jersey would be a heck of a homecoming with the New York Red Bulls, but perhaps that is just the romantic in us.

More than likely Rossi will land somewhere in Europe and do what he does best: score goals.