Warnock: Cardiff kept “a good account of ourselves” despite tragedy

(Nick Potts/PA via AP)

Cardiff City boss Neil Warnock and his men have gone through a terrible week, more so than we knew before kickoff at Arsenal on Tuesday.

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He saw club record signing Emiliano Sala’s plane go missing en route to Wales, as searches continue for the aircraft, Sala, and the pilot. And left back Joe Bennett lost his father earlier this week!

The Bluebirds would’ve been forgiven had they “not had it” in a 2-1 loss to the Gunners, but they nearly got a point from the Top Four-chasing hosts.

“We talked about Emiliano (Sala) before the game and I thought it was appropriate that we gave a good account of ourselves against a good side and I thought we could’ve won the game.

“Joe Bennett was superb. He lost his father three days ago but to then play like that, I’m really pleased with him.”

Warnock also said he would be hard-pressed to think Cardiff will land a striker before the end of the January window.

“I worked on Emiliano for a couple of months and I can’t see us bringing in anyone upfront – we won’t get anyone like Emiliano, but we could bring in one or two defenders.”