Guardiola praises Aguero, talks chase for Premier League title

Richard Sellers/PA via AP

Pep Guardiola was gushing when asked to describe hat trick hero Sergio Aguero’s wonderful Sunday against Arsenal in a 3-1 win at the Etihad Stadium.

“He was born with that talent, he will die with that talent,” Guardiola said.

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Presuming that he isn’t planning the demise of his Argentine star, Guardiola could hardly be happier with Aguero’s three-goal Sunday.

He’s also pretty happy to play a mind game or two with Jurgen Klopp‘s league-leading Liverpool. From the BBC:

“I understand pressure, pressure to win the games. After the game in Newcastle, Liverpool were seven points ahead and now they are two,” he said. “Of course they have to play, they have quality, but West Ham are a good side. Now we have tomorrow to start again and think about Everton and after Chelsea. It is a tough week for us and we go game by game.”

“We are good when we do what we have to do. I did not have any doubts in the three years I am here.”

Should the Reds drop points at West Ham, Man City would have a chance to go level with Liverpool or even pass them on the table. Liverpool dropping points is easier said than done, but West Ham on its best day is a handful for anyone.

By the way, Arsenal fans, Aguero did admit that his third goal was a handball, after seeing the replay, which is nice.