Pep: Newport County has areas in which they outshine Man City

Tim Goode/PA via AP

If Newport County thought Manchester City might underestimate their side for Saturday’s FA Cup match, they are sorely mistaken.

“In our box we are going to suffer because they are taller and stronger than us, so in some areas they are better than us,” Guardiola said. “We have to try and bring our game in the way we are stronger than them.”

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The Man City boss elaborated on the task at hand in his prematch briefing on Friday, describing the threats presented by Padraig Armond and Jamille Matt. The latter scored as Newport completed a series of upsets including Leicester City and Middlesbrough.

“Both their strikers score 15 goals, they are incredible from set pieces and throw-ins. They go for the second ball and use the channels to put the ball into the box. Which team is going to control these areas and bring their own game? That will be the advantage.”

So, yeah, bad news for Newport County. Or worse news, as the case may be given the status of Man City as one of the best teams in the world.

Remember: Pep’s men fell to Wigan in cup play a few years ago, and he did not dig the fall-out. Plus he might hate losing to a kid in a completely randomized game like Chutes and Ladders.