This is what Pochettino said to get a two-game ban

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Forgot what you thought Mauricio Pochettino said to Mike Dean and his officiating crew after Tottenham’s defeat at Burnley last month.

Because we know now exactly what went down.

Pochettino was handed a two-game touchline ban for his angry reaction at the end of the game, and the contents of Dean’s report to the English Football Association has been released.

Over to Dean, who describes what he and Pochettino “discussed” after the final whistle on the pitch at Turf Moor.

“I then said on numerous occasions to go away at least 10 times and he wouldn’t get out of my personal space and then aggressively pointed his finger just a few inches from my face again saying ‘you know what you are’,” Dean’s report said.

The FA revealed more details about the incident, as Pochettino continued to confront Dean in the tunnel area after the game.

“While the words used are not the worst, the choice of phrase ‘you know what you are’ was used in an on-field outburst, following the conclusion of the game, that lasted for 40 seconds, during which Pochettino was, at times, very close to Mr Dean and face-to-face. Pochettino’s position is then aggravated by the fact of the second charge, which involved him waiting for Mr Dean in the tunnel area to resume his unacceptable comments.”

So, Pochettino said “you know what you are, you know what you are” and that was it.

The FA have confirmed that the angry manner Poch reacted in was the main reason for his two-game ban, but what wasn’t pointed out was what Dean, or one of his officials, said to Pochettino which seemed to make his blood boil.

Pochettino hasn’t divulged what was said, and probably never will, but the way he and his assistant Jesus Perez reacted to whatever was said by one of the officials is key to all of this.

In the first game that Pochettino had to watch from the stands his Spurs side lost 2-1 at Southampton on Saturday, and the second game is at Liverpool on Mar. 31.