Pochettino: ‘Very happy’ with Spurs, taking it day-by-day

Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Wouldn’t it be something if Mauricio Pochettino‘s expressed desire to stay at Tottenham Hotspur into the “New White Hart Lane” era and help the club reach the pinnacle of football was genuine?

And really, why should it surprise anyone at all that a rich London club in a fancy new home might just be attractive to a top football mind?

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Pochettino, despite seemingly daily links with Real Madrid and other giant clubs, sure sounds like a man who’d answer those questions with, “Well, yeah” and “It shouldn’t.” From Sky Sports:

“I am very happy at Tottenham. I have four more years on my contract. Maybe 99 per cent of my colleagues have a different mindset. I enjoy it day by day and whatever happens tomorrow will be a consequence of today. But I don’t look at things too far ahead or think very long term. When I signed my contract I did it because I was happy.”

Sure there’s a little hedging there, but this is also an occupation where poor turns of form see managers fired in a hurry. Pochettino would go on to say that Spurs are “overachieving,” and did mention the “investment of other clubs” this season. So there’s certainly gray area for Spurs supporters to consider from these comments.