WATCH: Orlando City ‘fools’ with Beckham’s Miami via Blair Witch spoof

Orlando City SC / @OrlandoCitySC

April Fools’ Day on social media gets tired real quickly, so embrace the fresh and never let go.

Orlando City SC’s video qualifies as fresh, even though it isn’t quite a prank as much as a chance to rip on its future geographic rivals: David Beckham’s Inter Miami CF.

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Beckham and his crew are going to redevelop Lockhart Stadium, which has been abandoned for some time, and it’s going to be gorgeous. But the announcement wasn’t as sexy, with Becks standing in front of the overgrown field for the news.

OCSC sent players Dom Dwyer, Lamine Sane, and Benji Michel into “the wilderness” for a spoof on “Blair Witch Project.” Not quite anything to be believed, but genuinely amusing.

It could’ve been perfect, but the ending did not feature a corner.

Just wait til DPs Messi, Ronaldo, and Neymar enact their revenge in several years.