FA Cup semifinals to show VAR decisions in stadium

Getty Images

For the first time in English soccer, the decisions made via VAR will be shown on television screens throughout the stadium.

The landmark moment will arrive during the two FA Cup semifinals this weekend, as Brighton face Manchester City on Saturday and Watford play Wolves on Sunday.

With VAR to be introduced into the Premier League from the 2019-20 season, VAR has been used in both the FA Cup and League Cup in England as a testing ground. Throughout the FA Cup over the past two seasons there has been plenty of confusion in stadiums as fans try to figure what is going on.

Confirmation that these decisions will now be shown on the big screens at Wembley is a welcome relief for supporters, and should help referees gain more respect inside the stadiums.

Of course, with plenty of PL stadiums not having TV screens (Old Trafford and Anfield to name a few) it is unlikely the decisions will be shown during the game for next season. Then again, why shouldn’t they be shown at stadiums which have TV screens available?

Whatever the English game can do to help usher in VAR smoothly must be done. Showing the decisions live on screens is a big step in the right direction.