Playoff between Man City, Liverpool for the title?

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If you like to ‘root for chaos’ there is a scenario which could play out on the final day of the Premier League season which you’ll love.

Heading into Championship Sunday, Manchester City have a one-point lead in the title race and know a win away at Brighton and Hove Albion will secure the Premier League title.

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Liverpool must beat Wolverhampton Wanderers at home and hope that Man City fail to beat Brighton. If that happens, Liverpool will be league champions for the first time in 29 years.

But, there is a wacky scenario which could see a one-off playoff game to decide who wins the title. Seriously. That could happen.

It was close to happening in the 1995-96 season, as Newcastle United and Man United battled for the title, as tickets printed for a potential playoff game at Wembley have since surfaced. Of course, that didn’t happen, but a playoff at a neutral venue could happen if Man City lose by four goals and Liverpool draw with Wolves and score at least four times.

Of course, this is very, very unlikely to happen but after the week we’ve just seen in the soccer world with huge comebacks in the UEFA Champions League, maybe one more chaotic day will arrive on Championship Sunday.

To recap, what results need to happen for this playoff to become a reality?

Manchester City lose 4-0, while Liverpool draw 4-4
Manchester City lose 5-1, while Liverpool draw 5-5
Manchester City lose 6-2, while Liverpool draw 6-6

And so on, and so forth…