Drama at Chelsea: Sarri storms out of training

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Whether it was for the cameras or a real display of emotion, Maurizio Sarri’s message was clear to see; The Chelsea manager is not happy, just one day before the Europa League Final.

In video caught by BT Sport in England, Sarri was seen tossing his baseball hat to the ground and angrily walking off the pitch while Chelsea went through its final practice of the season. Sarri’s actions appeared to happen moments after Gonzalo Higuain and David Luiz had a heated conversation, which ended with Luiz also angrily leaving the field.

In a small sided game, Higuain stepped in quickly on Luiz when the latter had the ball, and Luiz likely was saying not to go into a tackle so hard the day before a final. Higuain didn’t seem to see it that way, leading to the disagreement.

With Kante the latest injury, rumors swirling that Eden Hazard and Sarri could be leaving this summer, it’s the latest sign of crisis at Chelsea. Should they overcome this latest incident, it would represent an incredible achievement for this season.