Klopp: Liverpool will work for its luck in Champions League Final

Stuart Franklin/UEFA via AP

Jurgen Klopp is so confident that he’s decided to give his haters a new song should Liverpool fall to Spurs in Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final.

“Since 2012, apart from 2017, I was with my team in a final,” Klopp said in Friday’s pre-match press briefing. “Sometimes by luck, but in the last seven years I am world record holder in winning semi-finals. I’m a normal human being.”

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No, no you’re not. And we don’t want you to be, Jurgen. Also, if you lose, “World Record Holder In Winning Semi-Finals” is the new “Specialist in Failure.”

Klopp isn’t worried about his record in the finals, because he knows each one is different. For example, yes his Reds lost 3-1 to Real, but you might guess that if you were pre-warned that Mohamed Salah would be injured and Loris Karius concussed.

“There can be moments that are unlucky and lucky, but I cannot change that. I understand luck as if you work for it then you get it from time to time.”

The manager says Roberto Firmino is fit for the match, good news for the Reds who saw Firmino score in both 2-1 wins over Spurs this season.