Twitter reacts to dull Champions League final

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A controversial penalty given just 21 seconds into the match had the potential to spark the Champions League final in Madrid towards a potential shootout between two Premier League teams with attacking firepower.

Instead, the game devolved into a sloppy mess, with neither side able to grab the match by the scruff of the neck. At halftime, the game featured the second-lowest pass completion rate of any Champions League match this entire season, with Liverpool completing the fewest passes of any half this season for the club.

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At the full-time whistle, as Liverpool stood atop the mountain with a 2-0 victory on goals from Mohamed Salah and Divock Origi, the combined expected goals stood at just a measly 1.6 for the full match. Tottenham managed eight shots on target, but seven of those came in the final 15 minutes as desperation crept in. Liverpool, meanwhile, finished with just three shots on target, including the two goals, one of which came from the penalty spot.

The first-minute penalty seemed to give the match a nervy feel, with both teams reeling from the shocking and controversial start. It felt almost disappointing, with the Reds handed a goal harsh on the opponents and giving Spurs an uphill task against one of the best-drilled defenses in the world. Attacking talents Christian Eriksen and Heung-Min Son were dismal up front, and as a result Harry Kane suffered up front.

Twitter reacted throughout the match at the excessively boring passages of play, showcasing how staccato the massive game was flowing.

Others came to give credit to the defensive players who were making sure the attacking talent was locked down, and to celebrate with the winners as Liverpool won its sixth European crown, twice as many as any other English club.