Unopposed Infantino re-elected FIFA president

Getty Images

Gianni Infantino will be the FIFA president for at least another four years.

At the FIFA Congress in France on Wednesday, the Congress re-elected Gianni Infantino to another four-year presidential term. Infantino was unopposed, as his predecessor Sepp Blatter so often was.

Under Infantino, FIFA’s finances have grown by hundreds of percentage points. According to a report from the AP, last year’s men’s World Cup grew FIFA’s accounts to $6.4 billion. That means more money dished out to every association, and more money to support growing the game, or growing executives bank accounts.

As much as Blatter transformed FIFA into a financial behemoth, Infantino seems to be doing so as part of his mandate. He campaigned on the idea in 2015 of increasing the World Cup to 48 teams and has tried to get involved with a 24-team Club World Cup, as FIFA looks to get some of the revenues rolling into UEFA’s coffers during the UEFA Champions League.