Pogba: I am judged differently


Paul Pogba has been speaking out about the way he is treated, and he isn’t exactly happy about it.

Despite being Manchester United’s top goalscorer last season with 16 goals, and leading them in his assists with 11, his performances are picked to pieces week in, week out and his time at United since his $110 million transfer from Juventus can be best described as topsy-turvy.

In an interview with The Times Pogba, 26, revealed he believes he is judged differently.

“I always play like that and, thank God, I won the World Cup like that,” Pogba said. “Body language, haircut, all these things is just to speak. Since I was a kid I play like this. It’s not a problem when we win. Only when we lose or if I have a bad performance it becomes a problem.”

“I become another player because of the transfer. Because it was the biggest transfer of history at the time, you get judged differently. You expect more because of the price tag. A good game becomes a normal game, a top game will be a good game.”

It is true that the spotlight is on Pogba as the most expensive signing in United’s history. Is that fair? Of course it isn’t. Is it part of the game? Of course it is.

If you’re going to be the biggest name on one of the biggest clubs on the planet, everything you do is going to be over scrutinized.

Pogba knows that but these comments suggest he is getting a little fed up of all the talk around him.

Amid reports that he is keen on a move back to Juventus and the Italian champions are making moves to bring him back, it will be intriguing to see if Pogba remains at Old Trafford this summer.

Comments like this do not suggest he’s enjoying the spotlight.