Neymar answers police questions about rape allegation

AP Photo/Andre Penner

SAO PAULO (AP) Soccer star Neymar arrived at a police station Thursday to answer questions about rape allegations against him.

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Wearing a black suit, the player was using crutches because of an injured right ankle. Investigator Juliana Bussacos met Neymar at the entrance amid a media frenzy. A crowd of fans also cheered the 27-year-old Neymar, who is Brazil’s most recognizable player.

Neymar denies any wrongdoing and was accompanied by his lawyers to the meeting. The woman who has accused him of raping her at a Paris hotel last month already spoke with police.

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The player is also being investigated in Rio de Janeiro for publishing images of his accuser on social media without her authorization.

The Associated Press doesn’t name alleged sexual assault victims unless they make their identities public, which 26-year-old model Najila Trindade did in interviews with Brazilian television.

Also Thursday, Trindade reports that she has picked her fourth lawyer to handle the case. All the previous three decided to leave the case.

Neymar’s jet flew into Sao Paulo’s Congonhas airport at midafternoon and was driven to the police station in a black van. The player came from his mansion in the city of Mangaratiba, outside Rio de Janeiro.