USWNT’s Rapinoe on MSNBC: I spoke with Infantino about equal pay


The USWNT continues its victory lap ahead of Wednesday’s ticker tape parade in New York City, and superstar Megan Rapinoe used her time to hit the television circuit including an interview with “MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show.”

Rapinoe was asked about many things over the course of the episode, including the fight for the same pay as the United States men’s national team.

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And she seems confident that the USWNT has won that battle, even saying she’s spoken a little with the highest official in world soccer.

“I even had a brief conversation with FIFA president Gianni Infantino after the game,” Rapinoe said on the show. “I think everyone realizes now, okay, it’s time for the next step. It’s time to work together to get there to a better place. The conversation is not about equal pay anymore. If you’re not down with equal pay or equality by now, you’re so far out of reality and the conversation that we can’t even go there. Nobody wants this contentious fight all the time.”

Rapinoe says that the United States Soccer Federation, FIFA, and all the confederations need to take the next step in their support of the women’s game.

“The (U.S. Soccer) Federation has put a lot of resources and money and support behind the team. They deserve credit for that when we talk about all the other federations of the world. Just because you’re better than someone who’s bad doesn’t mean necessarily that you’re good.”

Rapinoe also said that a next step for fans who love the team would be to support the National Women’s Soccer League.

“We have nine teams in the NWSL,” she said. “You can go to league games. You can support that way. You can buy jerseys, you can tell your friends about it, become a season ticket holder. That’s the easiest way.”