Liverpool plan to further increase Anfield expansion

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Liverpool’s plan to expand Anfield are set to be cranked up a few notches.

“We’re going to need a bigger boat!” or something like that…

After a lengthy wait and complicated planning process, Anfield was expanded to its current capacity of 54,074 following the redevelopment of the Main Stand in 2016.

Speaking in New York City, chief executive Peter Moore has now revealed that their original plans to add an extra 4,600 seats to the Anfield Road end will need to change as it is “insufficient for our plans” of expanding Liverpool’s home stadium.

“We’re continuing to analyze what is the optimum number,” Moore said. “I think in the next few months you’re going to hear from us as regards to what those plans will be. I can tell you definitively it won’t be the rather small-to-medium plans we had recently.”

It is believed a capacity of somewhere just over 61,000 is Liverpool desired size.

That would mean only Tottenham and Manchester United would have a larger capacity than them in the Premier League.

The key factor here is that Liverpool must work closely with the local community to create the best possible solution at the Anfield Road end of the stadium.

For anyone who has ever been to Anfield, three sides of the ground are boxed in by rows of Victorian-era houses, and many more of those houses have been demolished in recent years to allow for expansion. Behind the Anfield Road end there is some space but, rather crucially, there is a road which causes a headache as traffic on a matchday around Anfield is already chaotic.

Liverpool’s owners, the Fenway Sports Group, have done a superb job at expanding Anfield but keeping the character of one of the most iconic stadiums in world soccer. This next step will take a lot of ingenuity to make it a reality.