Unsurprisingly, Guardiola values PL title more; Salah prefers UCL

Photo by Andrew Powell/Liverpool FC via Getty Images

Which would you rather your favorite club win: the Premier League or the Champions League?

In the least surprising news you’ll hear all year, Pep Guardiola prefers the PL title, while Mohamed Salah believes that winning the UCL is a greater achievement.

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Guardiola, who has guided Manchester City to back-to-back PL titles and is currently aiming at a third straight, values being the best over a period of 38 games. Salah, who helped Liverpool to UCL glory — the one trophy which has eluded Guardiola since 2011 — is happy to have won what he believes is “the biggest competition in football.”

Guardiola, PL savant — quotes from the Daily Mirror:

“Of course we have to win in Europe because it’s an important tournament and difficult to win. But, I am not going to go to the casino and gamble everything I have in my pocket on just seven games.

“I want to be happy for 11 months, and winning the Premier League makes me happy. The Champions League is seven games, you can win the Champions League but the league is every three days in the same month. I’m sorry but it’s much more important what these guys have done the whole season.”

Salah, UCL conquerer:

“Honestly, I didn’t know that he said that, but I think if you give him a choice to choose which one, he would choose the Champions League. That’s my opinion. I’m not talking about him, but my opinion. It’s the biggest competition in football, so everyone wants to win it.

“Every coach, every player wants to win it, dreams of winning it. So, of course, the Premier League also is something big, but still the Champions League is the biggest competition. It’s a dream for everyone, the city, the players, to win a Champions League is something so great and something very big. So everyone was having that special moment. I was feeling like a kid whose dream comes true.”

We look forward to Guardiola and Salah re-igniting this debate in 12 months’ time, when Liverpool are reigning PL champions and Man City are kings of Europe.