Report: Rashford named Man United penalty kick taker

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has reportedly named Marcus Rashford as his penalty kick taker after Paul Pogba’s spot kick was saved in the second half of their 1-1 draw at Wolverhampton Wanderers on Monday.

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A report from The Sun newspaper claims that Solskjaer was “furious” with Pogba and Rashford after the game, as they failed to sort out before kick off which player was on penalty kicks.

Per the report, Solskjaer has taken Pogba off penalty kick duty and even though he said publicly that both were designated penalty kick takers he was angry that Pogba pulled rank over Rashford. After the draw Pogba apologized to his teammates.

“Solskjaer told the dressing room Rashford is now the penalty taker — and blasted the pair for failing to decide who was on duty before kick-off. The Norwegian was also left embarrassed by their on-pitch squabble, with the world watching the clash live on TV.”

Is this really the fault of Pogba and Rashford?

If Solskjaer had named a designated penalty kick taker before the game, instead of letting them decide who wanted to take the PK in the moment, this issue would not have flared up.

Obviously he left that decision down to two of his star players and the fact that Pogba and Rashford were discussing it on the pitch, just like they did last week against Chelsea when Rashford scored a penalty kick, shows they weren’t prepared.

Solskjaer needs to take responsibility for this, not Pogba or Rashford. If they were told to sort out the penalty kick duties between themselves, as Solskjaer has said, then why is he reportedly angry at both of them?

A manager needs to manage and make tough, clear decisions. Simple.