European leagues detail post-2024 ideas for Champions League

Champions League Swiss system
Getty Images

LISBON, Portugal (AP) Europe’s top soccer leagues have announced a Champions League vision that rejects radical changes wanted by elite clubs.

The 29-nation European Leagues group says its principles include no new promotion or relegation between the Champions League and Europa League from 2024, and limiting teams to six group games.

The proposal detailed at a soccer conference rejects the European Club Association’s plan for locking in 24 of 32 Champions League. The ECA also prefers eight-team groups giving clubs 14 games each that would squeeze available dates for national leagues and cups.

European Leagues says Champions League entries “must be based on qualification from the domestic competitions,” except for the winner retaining its place.

Though mostly supporting the status quo, the leagues say they are “in favor of innovations (that) contribute to the growth of professional football as a whole and not just for a very few.”

UEFA’s consultation on potential changes to take effect in 2024 has stalled while clubs and leagues are far apart in their proposals.

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