Napoli dressing rooms unfinished ahead of Sampdoria, Liverpool visits

Photo by Francesco Pecoraro/Getty Images

We’d say so much for home field advantage, but we haven’t seen the away rooms.

Napoli is enraged with local authorities, specifically its city council, as the locker rooms at Stadio San Paulo are far from suitable for match day.

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The club faces Sampdoria in Serie A play on Saturday and Liverpool in the UEFA Champions League on Tuesday.

Napoli opened its season away to Fiorentina and Juventus, a 4-3 win and 4-3 loss respectively, making arrangements to help give extra time to stadium renovators.

Manager Carlo Ancelotti tore into the city council, making an official statement on the Napoli web site:

“I have seen the state of the dressing rooms at the Sao Paulo. There are no words. I was the one who wanted to play the first game. You can build a house in two months, but they are not capable of renovating the dressing rooms! Where are the games for Sampdoria and Liverpool? I’m shocked at the incompetence of the people in charge of the work. How could the Region, Municipality and Commissioners fail to respect the commitments that were made? It smacks of disregard and a lack of a bond with the city’s team. I’m dismayed. “

Maybe the city council was always going to have the work done in time, or maybe Ancelotti spurred them into action. The council is vowing that all the work will be done by Friday and posted updated photos of the work.