Pochettino asks Spurs to show character, implores unity after big loss


Mauricio Pochettino and Tottenham Hotspur know how bad they looked in Tuesday’s 7-2 home loss to Bayern Munich.

And while many would expect a tongue-lashing, hair-drying, mentality-questioning post-match response from the boss, Pochettino says that was not on the menu.

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“After a result like today, there will be no shouting or talking when the emotion is on the skin,” he said, adding that, “Now is a moment to stay all together.”

An early lead quickly disappeared, and Serge Gnabry (4) and Robert Lewandowski (2) combined for all but one of Bayern’s goals.

Pochettino said it’s all about response, and the manager continues to say that this year will be a massive challenge for his UCL finalists.

“It’s going to be a tough season, I told you that months ago. After the Champions League final it was a chapter closed and the club need to start a new chapter. This defeat is not going to change my opinion. You need to show your quality like a man first. To face it like a professional is like a man. You need to put your quality and how strong you are to face it like a person. We need to face it like men and be stronger and bounce back and change the feeling.”

Good luck with that. Fortunately, Spurs have Brighton and Watford in the Premier League before a visit from Red Star Belgrade. That’s plenty of time to get back in some semblance of form for a team just as lethal as Bayern: Liverpool at Anfield on Oct. 27.

The above was from his post-match Q&A with the press. Here’s what he said to the TV cameras right after the match.