WATCH: 2.Bundesliga sees one of the worst penalties ever awarded

Photo by Cathrin Mueller/Bongarts/Getty Images

Sometimes, soccer gets pretty stupid.

Holstein Kiel midfielder Michael Eberwein gave away a penalty against Bochum this weekend when VAR.

He was warming up on the touch line.

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A wayward Bochum shot was zipping out for a goal kick when Eberwein, who had just joined the club, stopped the ball just as it met the end line.

The referee either didn’t spot the infraction or, you know, was a human being, but VAR alerted him and a penalty was given to Bochum.

There is no on-field player within any reasonable distance of the hard-hit shot, and Eberwein’s interference only meant that a quicker restart was possible.

Holstein Kiel still won, and hopefully Eberwein isn’t given much grief. It’s not like players warming up near the field is anything new. Should he have not been so close to the goal? Of course, but hindsight’s 20/20 and we imagine teams will be changing how they conduct their warm-ups.