Staff predicts MLS Cup final scoreline

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A pair of teams that seem destined to produce the goods this postseason meet in a winner-take-all battle for the MLS Cup. It’s a tough one to predict, with both the Seattle Sounders and Toronto FC knocking off top seeds in their respective conferences with moments of magic over the past few weeks.

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Still, the predictions for this one are quite lopsided, with the ProSoccerTalk staff seeming to clearly favor one side in the East vs. West final showdown. Who do you have taking home the season’s most coveted prize?

Joseph Prince-WrightSeattle 2-1 Toronto

Home advantage will just about push Seattle past TFC. I’d expect extra time, but Seattle will make the most of Toronto’s unfortunate injuries. Raul Rudiaz will be the main man for the Sounders.

Andy Edwards: Seattle 0-0 Toronto – Sounders win on penalties

So much of what each of these teams do well will cancel each other out. Sounders want to play wide and fast, but Toronto get numbers behind the ball and rarely open themselves up to counter-attacking opportunities. Outside of a potential set-piece goal, this one could make for tough watching.

Nicholas Mendola: Seattle 2-1 Toronto

I cannot in good faith peg Toronto FC to go toe-to-toe with Seattle, that far from home, without Jozy Altidore. If he plays I think TFC has level footing aside from the stadium and my prediction would be much different. But as it stands he either doesn’t play or isn’t 100%. That’s huge for Sounders and puts the onus on Quentin Westberg to have another incredible game.

Daniel Karrell: Seattle 3-2 Toronto

Seattle’s offense has been in some serious form as of late, especially with Raul Ruidiaz and Jordan Morris, and I don’t think Ciman/Mavinga/Gonzalez will be able to handle them over the course of 90 minutes. Playing at home, Seattle is under more pressure, but I think the comforts of home will pay off, especially familiarity on that field and with the team’s current form. It’s been a terrific offensive season in MLS this year and I expect it to continue with 5 goals in MLS Cup, and a Seattle home victory.

Kyle Bonn: Seattle 2-0 Toronto

Toronto sure has had some magic these MLS Cup Playoffs, with a shootout victory followed by a pair of late 2-1 wins over top Eastern Conference foes. But the biggest enemy to playoff magic is more playoff magic, and that’s what Seattle seems to have of late. At home, the Sounders were 11-2-4 in the regular season, plus another two home playoff wins, giving them a distinct advantage. The Sounders are in better attacking form and without Jozy Altidore, Toronto falls just short of the crown while the Sounders yet again come away with the hardware in a season nobody expected them to.