Report: Bayern Munich still chasing Leroy Sane despite injury

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According to both English and German tabloids, Bayern Munich is still hotly pursuing Manchester City winger Leroy Sane despite the German international’s serious knee injury suffered early in the season.

After rupturing his ACL just 13 minutes into the season-opening Community Shield, Sane has been on the shelf the entire campaign and expects to be back in the next few weeks.

German publication SportBild speculates that a new Bayern Munich deal with Audi could help finance future imminent transfers, naming Sane alongside 20-year-old striker Kai Havertz as two potential targets. The more concrete report comes from English publication Metro which states that Bayern could make another go at Sane, although they believe Bayern will wait until the summer.

Man City reportedly rejected a $94 million deal for Sane last summer, hoping for a total in excess of $130 million.

The Metro report states that there are a lot of moving parts to a potential deal, with many of them having to do with his injury recovery. Sane’s camp now believes that, with an ACL injury often taking a full year to truly get back up to speed, that a move to Bayern now would be premature. In addition, the German club could be wary of pulling the trigger until Sane proves he can return to his old self.

The 24-year-old also reportedly sees Manchester City in a new light after being fully supported through six months of rehab. While trying to force his way out in the summer, he may now have a newfound respect for his current club, according to the report.