Premier League social media wrap: Mings surprises NHS workers


Marcus Rashford took to social media to share an emotional story and a generous donation, and many other Premier Leaguers were pretty busy on social media.

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Aston Villa center back Tyrone Mings might be an absolute monster on the pitch, but he’s got plenty of time and enthusiasm for helping out.

Mings had a conversation with a pair of England fans who are playing pivotal roles in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

The man who plays behind Mings at Villa Park is also trying to help.

Villa goalkeeper Pepe Reina is auctioning off a shirt he wore versus Spain at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

Speaking of goalkeepers…

Okay, he’s not a goalkeeper. But maybe Roberto Firmino would make a pretty decent backstop.

Man City playmaker Leroy Sane was looking back at the good ol’ days.

The Schalke product clearly brought style to the futsal pitch and has been technique as a grade schooler than many of us have shown by adulthood.

Let’s close with more training, the theme of Wednesday’s social media wrap.

Leicester City’s Ricardo Pereira sure does like to get creative with both his weight training and pet relationship.