Premier League On This Day: Aguero, stoppage time, silverware (video)


It’s been exactly eight years since the most famous goal in Premier League history.

That’s saying something, yes, but how many moments in the history of our beloved sport have inspired a commentator to cry something like “Where does football go from here?”

And how many times has that statement somehow not felt like hyperbole?

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights ] 

Sergio Aguero’s stoppage-time goal on the final day of the season gave Manchester City a win over Queens Park Rangers and the Premier League title. The 3-2 win gave City the title on goal differential.

The above gives you the bones of the beast, but fails to note so many things:

  • City won its first top-flight title since 1967-68.
  • The crown was ripped out of the hands of rivals Manchester United.
  • Roberto Mancini’s City did the thing in “Fergie Time” to sting Fergie himself.
  • City had seemingly thrown away the crown just six weeks earlier when they completed a 1-2-2 run with a 1-0 loss to Arsenal on a late Mikel Arteta goal.

The goal was Aguero’s 23rd of the Premier League season, his first year in England’s top flight. He’d go on to have a pretty substantial career in the PL, but regardless this would’ve been enough to cement his status as an icon.

United beat Sunderland 1-0 moments before Aguero’s goal to climb into first place, but that didn’t last. Mario Balotelli’s pass to Aguero and the Argentine’s calm under pressure in dispatching yet another near post rocket was sincerely remarkable.