VIDEO: Goal-line technology fail in Aston Villa v Sheffield United

Goal-line technology fail Aston Villa Sheffield United
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There was a huge goal-line technology fail in Aston Villa v Sheffield United as the first game of the Premier League restart was shrouded in controversy.

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Right before half time a truly bizarre moment arrived as a free kick from Sheffield United’s Oliver Norwood looped towards the back post.

Aston Villa goalkeeper Orjan Nyland caught the ball but collided with his own striker Keinan Davis and clearly fell over his own goal-line with the ball.

However, referee Michael Oliver pointed to his watch and indicated that the goal-line technology system didn’t tell him it was a goal. Played carried on and VAR do not intervene, presumably because there are no rules for a situation like this. It does seem like VAR could have intervened though, as confusion remains.

Sheffield United simply said that: “It wasn’t working” with a laughing face emoji on Twitter, while reports circulating say the message to referee Michael Oliver was delayed.

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There has never, ever been a problem with the goal decision system since it was introduced in the Premier League. Clubs around the bottom of the Premier League will be less than happy about this situation as that could be a big difference in Villa’s battle against relegation.

Brighton striker Glenn Murray has already shared his displeasure at the situation and many others will wade in.

Below is the video of the goal-line technology fail in Aston Villa v Sheffield United.

Bonkers. Absolutely bonkers.