VIDEO: Premier League impressions

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These Premier League impressions from Conor Moore are absolutely spot on.

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The Irish comedian has his own show on the Golf Channel each week which rounds up the latest news, plus PGA players join him and much more.

But the main thing people love about Conor Moore are his wonderful impressions.


His impression of golf legends and current PGA stars boggle the mind as the players themselves find him absolutely hilarious and from the mannerisms to the accents and the way he weaves in small details, Moor nails it time and time again.

He has now been trying his luck at Premier League impressions with Jose Mourinho, Harry Kane and Jurgen Klopp among others featuring. These impressions are so, so good and will no doubt have you rolling in laughter just like Rebecca Lowe when she caught up with Moore.

Check out all of Conor’s latest work on the Golf Channel here, while click play on the video above to see his impressions as he spoke with our very own Rebecca Lowe.

This will have you scratching your head as to how quickly he switches between characters and will bring a smile to your face.