Klopp, Salah, Alexander-Arnold know the title is coming


This Liverpool is new to this whole Premier League title-winning thing, so forgive them the sloppy and occasionally dishonest answers when asked whether they’ll be watching Chelsea versus Man City on Thursday.

The Reds will claim a league title for the first time in 30 years, a break which includes the formation of the Premier League, with a City draw or loss thanks to a 4-0 shellacking of Crystal Palace on Wednesday.

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Trent Alexander-Arnold, Mohamed Salah, and Jurgen Klopp all had smiles and wondrous expressions when quizzed on the possibilities after the game. Alexander-Arnold admitted he’ll be watching Chelsea-City, while Klopp and Salah tried to express uncertainty.

Come on, boys: You’ll be watching.

Klopp came the closest to admitting it, noting that City’s dominant showing versus Burnley short-circuiting his last viewing party.

“The last one I watched until 3-0 and then it became a waste of time,” Klopp said, adding that manager Pep Guardiola “should play poker probably” after making claims that Man City will focus on the FA Cup over Thursday’s visit to Chelsea.

“City, I couldn’t respect them more,” Klopp said. “What a football team they are. We just want to be good as well. We probably celebrate different things on the pitch.”

Alexander-Arnold was dealing with a different kind of historical reference after he was told that his exquisite free kick goal had Liverpool hero Jamie Carragher comparing the 21-year-old right back to David Beckham.

“Massive. I think, he’s probably one of the best in history,” Alexander-Arnold said of Beckham. “Probably the best free kick taker in Premier League history. The comparisons are nice but I have a ways to go to get to his level.”

Salah admits he’s ready for the title, even if he wouldn’t admit to any plans of watching Thursday.

“I feel great and since I came here I said I wanted to win the Premier League,” Salah said. “We haven’t won for a long time. Last year we did great but we didn’t win it.”

After a sloppy match Sunday against rivals Everton, Klopp had nothing but positives when asked about his imperious men’s Thursday masterpiece.

“Wow. I said it already one time but imagine this stadium would’ve been full today and all the people could’ve experienced it live. I don’t think the game would’ve been better because my boys played like everybody was in the stadium, pushing themselves.”

So it’s coming, right, Jurgen?

“Tonight was a big step, that’s clear. We’ve all still got to play seven games, if we play like this it’s really not nice to play against us. I have to watch the game tomorrow because we play them one week later. That’s being professional and doing my job.”