Liverpool’s overwhelmed Klopp leaves interview in tears of joy


“It’s such a big moment. I’m completely overwhelmed. I’m sorry gentlemen.”

Jurgen Klopp trailed off and left the camera, tears coming from the big German’s eyes after leading Liverpool to its first league title in 30 years.

“It’s much more than I ever thought could be possible,” Klopp said on NBC after Man City lost to Chelsea to formalize the Reds’ first Premier League era title.

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“Becoming a champion with this club is absolutely incredible. Knowing how much Kenny (Dalglish) has supported us. It’s for him. It’s for Stevie. And now it’s for all.”

Klopp notably implored fans to stay inside — hopelessly in turns out as many gathered outside Anfield despite COVID-19 fears — with an emotional nod to what they mean to him on a night they were not together.

“It’s for you out there. It’s for you. I hope you stay at home. Go in front of your house maybe. But it’s in here (points at heart). It’s in here (points at head).”

He admitted that the coronavirus pause gave him some worry about whether an inevitable title would arrive for his magnificent side.

“We didn’t have a chance before last year but it’s any way relief because of the three months interruption where no one knew how it would go on. … I was very happy last night cause it gave me the 100 percent feeling that we would be fine.”