Burnley match-winner, new dad Mee salutes NHS workers


Here’s Ben Mee, fully prepared to make you cry.

The Burnley skipper, 30, scored a rare goal Monday to lift the Clarets into eighth place in a 1-0 win at Crystal Palace on Monday. He was seen mimicking rocking a baby in his arms while patting his heart.

Mee won a lot of admiration for his brave and angry words against the “White Lives Matter Burnley” banner flown above the Etihad Stadium last week.

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On Monday, he touched another strong emotion when he discussed what’s been going on with his family.

While the National Health Services in England have been celebrated alongside their international colleagues in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, they’ve helped the Mee family in a different way.

“We had a little baby born in May and she was 16 weeks early. It’s been an emotional time for us as a family but she’s growing stronger each day and she’s six weeks today and it’s nice to celebrate that as well.  Family watching back home, which is nice. She’s growing well and the NHS has been fantastic for us. It’s going to be a long road but hopefully it’ll be okay.”

Burnley’s official site says Olive Grace Mee is still in the hospital but obviously doing better.

It’s an incredibly challenging time to give birth in a hospital during a pandemic before even considering the dangers that are inherent with premature birth.

This seems like a good place to link the Players Together “Shirts For Heroes” raffle going on in the UK.