Report: Leicester-Palace in focus as lockdown strengthened in Leicester

Leicester City v. Crystal Palace
Photo by Rui Vieira/Pool via Getty Images

A BBC report claims that Saturday’s Premier League tilt between Leicester City and Crystal Palace could be postponed or moved due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

A spike in coronavirus cases has extended the lockdown in Leicester City.

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English health secretary Matt Hancock says the game can go ahead, but Premier League chief Richard Masters has detailed plans if anything changes.

From the BBC:

“If what is happening in Leicester, we are waiting to hear, does affect the club’s ability to host home games, either this Saturday against Crystal Palace or subsequent matches, then we have contingency to put those matches elsewhere or postpone them until a date when it is safe to do so.”

Masters added that the news underlines the challenges faced by the Premier League, which continues to post an exemplary record when it comes to testing.

“Clearly it demonstrates the fragile project we have on here. We cannot take it for granted.”