Mourinho furious at Dier’s four-game ban

Mourinho Dier
Getty Images

Jose Mourinho has launched a furious tirade against the English Football Association after Eric Dier was handed a four-game ban.

Dier was charged, fined $50,000 and banned for four games after jumping into the crowd after an FA Cup defeat to Norwich City on Mar. 4, with the FA only confirming the ban this week.

Speaking about the decision, Mourinho was not happy at all to lose his starting center back and believes those making the decision ‘do not belong’ to the game.

“The problem is not [fans in] the stadiums. Some people with big responsibilities, sometimes doesn’t look like they love football but we love football,” Mourinho said. “My feeling is that in the majority of the cases football is not protected by the people that is powerful and doesn’t belong to this world. That’s simply my feeling. Powerful people – that doesn’t belong to the tribe. And they don’t have the feelings. They don’t have the know-how and it’s very, very difficult to lead something when you don’t have a clue about the world that you are leading.”

Hmmm. It seems like Mourinho may be asked to explain these comments by the FA. At this point, he probably has his own filing cabinet in the FA headquarters given his previous misdemeanors and Mourinho.

Dier is not a bad guy. He had a moment of madness at the height of Spurs’ struggles under Mourinho and reacted to a fan abusing him from the stands, as his brother was nearby.

Mourinho revealed that the fan has since apologized to Dier and said he didn’t feel threatened.

What Mourinho isn’t really factoring in here is that this is the first situation in a long time involving a player going into the stands and confronting a fan. The FA had to treat Dier a little harsher than necessary to send out a message that this cannot happen again.

Dier is one of the most eloquent and calm players around and maybe his actions will have an impact on fans and stop them from hurling abuse at their own players during games when they are allowed back into stadiums.