When will Liverpool lift the Premier League trophy?

Liverpool trophy lift date
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Liverpool trophy lift date? When will Liverpool celebrate their Premier League title win?

These are now the first few questions on the minds of Liverpool fans, players and everyone connected with the club right now.


The trophy lift will take place after Liverpool – Chelsea on July 22 at Anfield. Click on the link above to watch it live.

Liverpool fans want to celebrate. Everywhere! And they have been celebrating the Premier League title win and they are doing it like it’s 1990. They’ve won the Premier League for the first time in their history as the Reds are Champions of England for the first time in over 30 years and for the 19th time overall.

Liverpool win the Premier League. Liverpool win the Premier League. That’s right. That exclamation will never get old, for Liverpool fans.

But, seriously, when could they celebrate the title win and what is the Liverpool trophy lift date?

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Jurgen Klopp has said they will celebrate on an open top bus and have a huge party in the city whenever they can. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, nothing official will be planned for many months to come. But when they are able to, it will happen. And boy, will it happen.

The UEFA Champions League celebrations of last season in the City of Liverpool alone were epic. Truly epic. This will blow it out of the water.

30 years of waiting. 30 years of tension. 30 years of believing. All of that will be let out, whenever they can.

For now, the players will be handed the Premier League trophy on the final home game of the season, which will be against Chelsea on July 22.

Between now and then Liverpool’s players will be welcomed onto the pitch with a guard of honor in each of their final seven Premier League games of the season. They deserve it and they deserve to celebrate with their fans.

When it is safe to do so, they will. Wherever I am then, I will be heading to Liverpool. That party will be one for the ages and one that will probably be talked about for another 30 years.