Three best Klopp quotes from incredible post-trophy lift interview

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Jurgen Klopp was a man on fire after Liverpool was awarded its Premier League Trophy on Wednesday.

The Reds had just outlasted super sub Christian Pulsic and Chelsea in a 5-3 win at Anfield on Wednesday, then got their just desserts in the form of silverware.

Here are three of our favorite quotes from his rampant post-match interview with the assembled media.

3. On making the most of a supporter-free celebration.

“That’s how life is, you make the best of what you can. It means the world to me, to be honest. Everything would be better with fans, I know that. A few months ago I thought it’s impossible to play football. All the other leagues, Paris I’m not sure they got the trophy. Ajax didn’t get the trophy. Bayern had to do it in a completely empty stadium. We had our families here, not in the stadium but all tested and fine. We cannot change it. I couldn’t be happier. I knew it wouldn’t be perfect but we cannot change it. We tried to make clear we do it for the people. It’s a great moment.”

2. On taking in the moment but preparing to defend the title

“We are champs of England, Europe, and the world. It’s unbelievable. We have four trophies, big ones. Usually I’m not a person who needs pictures with something… but I will have a picture. We should make sure we have this picture. We will not stop. We have challenges. We can improve, each player. How we play. We have the chance to take another step. The others will not sleep. Chelsea is such a talented team. Now they are spending. There are no guarantees for anything.”

1. What would he say to fans?

“What can I say? If you don’t see that we do it for you, I can’t help you really. Five years ago, I asked you to change from doubters to believers and seconds before the press conference that I would ask it. But you did it. Thank you very much. We all together should celebrate at home but you have to prepare for a party. When? I don’t know when. Once this (expletive) virus is gone, then we will have a party altogether. Make sure you are there.”