PHOTOS: New Arsenal away kit for 2020-21

Arsenal new away kit
Getty Images

The Arsenal new away kit is absolutely ‘chef’s kiss’ material.

I mean, this is out there, but it’s a thing of beauty.

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The Arsenal away kit for 2020-21 pays homage to the marble halls inside their former home at Highbury. The fact Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang featured in many of the photos to release the new kit will have many Arsenal fans hopeful that he does sign the new deal.

Here’s the explainer from the Arsenal website, as a special film (which you can watch below) was produced for its release. That is also out there, but also very cool.

“The shirt unites generations with a design that represents the famous marble halls of Highbury’s iconic East Stand. Built in 1936, the facade of the East Stand remains in place after our 2006 move to Emirates Stadium, providing a permanent reminder of The Arsenal’s storied past.”

“The film also celebrates the famous marble halls of Highbury, reflecting on our glorious history while looking forward to a promising future. The film begins in the iconic east stand entrance before moving into an alternative marble world. The one-shot sequence tells the story behind the shirt in a visionary way that unites past icons with the present day heroes taking the club forward.”

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We’ve ranked the new Premier League kits for 2020-21 and after their smooth home shirt, this stylish away jersey bumps Arsenal up a few spots. It has to. Not everyone will like it, of course, and you could suggest that Arsenal may not wear it that much as it clashes with the red and white of their home kit, but this is something complete different to anything else we’ve seen when it comes to new Premier League kits.

Check out photos below of the Arsenal new away kit for 2020-21.